Madame Butterfly
This experience is one of those "once in a lifetime" explosions. It gives new meaning to that old expression of having "your ashes hauled."

MADAMEBUTTERFLY'S is no ordinary rub-down joint. In fact the word rub-down is a forbidden word in MADAME BUTTERFLY'S. On the other hand the word "joint" is perfectly acceptable. In fact joint becomes operable word in this love scented salon.

Look, anyone who comes to Las Vegas gets knotted up regardless of social or economic status. You can win a couple of grand or lose it but during the chase for more money or more fun, you do gather stress.

There are lovely creatures of our Maker who have dedicated a large part of their heart pounding beauty to draw that stress out of the male animal.

One of the most gratifying thing about this union of man and MADAM BUTTERFLY'S is these ladies in the mist really enjoy unwinding you; you shiver, you feel the jangles leave you. Muscles you didn't know you owned groan, cry in relief; your head loosens, lightens. You see angels, hear soft music.. Your nostrils detect aromas that chum up new arousals, new sensations. The tingling thrills of beautiful fingers rubbing and kneading your body with oils from the Orient, the liquid scent of sex.

We're dying if we're lying. This is the place where the word "Love-Tub" was invented. Lovely ladies, liquid with love and charm, personally bathe you in your private room, in your private Love-Tub. We have two words for you: Hang On.

Madame Butterfly's is just minutes from Las Vegas.

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All the credit cards work.

All you have to do is call.

Madame Butterfly's is open 24 hours a day. Everyday.

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Madame Butterfly's is listed as a Hot Spot of Nevada.
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